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Introduction to Towing

Most all vehicles, whether you have an SUV, passenger car, truck, van or even a mini van, can be equipped properly for towing. What you are towing will determine what type of hitch you will need. There are various sizes and types of trailers and will most likely fall into four catagories: open trailers or flatbeds, marine trailers, enclosed cargo trailers and recreational vehicle trailers which will include travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, horse and cattle trailers, and folding camp trailers.


The tow vehicle you will use may have a tow package from the manufacturer that has upgraded the springs, oil cooler, transmission cooler, radiator, battery, flasher system and brakes. It may already have a wiring harness as well as specific axle ratios. Some vehicles will have stronger wheels and tires with higher ‘ply’ in order to carry and manage heavy loads.


Your vehicle, if it has a tow package from the manufacturer may also have a trailer hitch receiver already mounted to the frame of the vehicle. Things that most likely will not come with that package is a draw bar or ball mount and hitch ball. These are separate units that depending on your height and weight needs will differ from vehicle to vehicle. Some trailers need a 2 inch ball and some need a 2 5/16 inch ball. To find this, you will need to check the tongue or coupler of the trailer. This is what the ball will be covered by and locked in.


Another item you may want are side mirror extensions. This allows you to be able to extend your view without replacing your current mirror on your tow vehicle.



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